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Why You Should Print Your Best Photos, TODAY

I’ve had a fascination with all things technological for pretty much my whole life.

Growing up - before the internet – (right!?!) - we had a thing called the Commodore 64, pretty rad for its day.

It was an 8-bit personal computer, otherwise known, to us, as The Beast.

The Beast

The Beast ran its software from a 5 1⁄2 inch floppy disk. In the early 80’s, we couldn’t have imagined a different digital storage medium. We bought oodles of disks and stored programs with abandon.

My dad carefully stored and moved The Beast and all those disks, waiting for the day we would have time to sit and enjoy those games again.

This winter, with a sense of nostalgia, we finally dug her out, vowing to restore her to former glory.

We plugged her in and – nothing.

Turns out the disk drive was bad. So, off to the store we went.

The old TV serving as a monitor was overheating. Back to the store for a new one.

The cable that fed the sound and video to the monitor was shot, too. Yet another trip.

Finally, we plugged in the first of a stack of floppies.  

Hard Fail

Can you believe 95% of those carefully stored and preserved floppy disks were bad or corrupted?

So, after 3 trips to the store and a hard day’s work, we threw in the towel. We laughed – thank goodness those floppy disks held nothing more than Pac Man, Donkey Kong and Myst!  (Ahhh… Myst… I digress.)

The thing is, every time we ran off to the store, we walked past a 30 x 40 print of my daughter. The image captures a moment of glee and abandon, as she winds up to throw a snowball. It was her first time playing in the snow.

We Will Never Get That Moment Back.

It got me thinking.

Printed photographs don’t require electricity to be enjoyed.

Wall art doesn’t rely on technology that can become obsolete.

Printed correctly, an album will last multiple lifetimes.

Some Memories Are Too Important to "Swipe" Past

How many of your best moments are carefully stored and preserved for the day you choose to enjoy them again?

What Storage Medium Can You Trust With Your Memories?


Remember when VHS tapes and cassette tapes were all the rage? 

A thumb drive? The iCloud?

Jpegs weren’t around until 2009, and there are new formats of digital images coming out all the time. Jpegs, too are becoming extinct. 

Ever drop your phone in a toilet?  Did you do that whole hopeless ‘put-it-in-rice’ thing?  Yeah… me too.

My point is, relying on digital technologies as image preservation has been shown to be vastly unreliable.

I will never lose the feeling I had playing in the snow with my three-year-old daughter that day.

I have this the printed picture (on archival quality canvas) to refresh my memory all the rest of my days.


I’m fortunate enough to have this portrait of my great grandmother She died before I was born.

If it weren’t for this printed photograph, how would I know her?

Technology is still awesome. You can’t be a modern-day wedding and family portrait photographer and not appreciate advances.

But, preservation of memories? Your personal history? Your love story?

I Don't Know of a More Worthy Endeavor

I take all of this worry off my clients by including at least one printed product, meant to last a lifetime or more, in all my collections.

Print Your Memories

Make that moment last a lifetime. Make that feeling last forever.