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How to Choose the Right Wedding Theme for Your Wedding in Mobile, Alabama

While not an absolute must, choosing the right wedding theme is an important step in the planning of the Big Day – especially if you want your décor to look nice, polished, unique, and well-pulled together.

How do you choose from the myriad of potential wedding themes, though? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.


·        Follow the season. Most seasons come with their very own wedding themes (and associated motifs), so why not take inspiration from your wedding season? Even more, you could try to mix up the seasons – and have a winter-themed wedding in spring, for example. This is a huge trend right now and it allows you to be very creative with your wedding theme choices.

·        Follow the passion. Are you and your loved one passionate about something specific? Regardless of whether it’s Star Wars, painting, or football, you can definitely incorporate this into your wedding day’s décor.

·        Follow the venue. Have you chosen your Mobile, Alabama wedding venue yet? See what kind of wedding themes work with it.  For instance, if you have just booked a ballroom venue, you might not want to have a rustic wedding inside it – so be sure to have this in mind from the very beginning – it will help you narrow down the venue options, and it will also help you have a really pretty wedding.

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